Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the FAQ’s regarding LVP Flooring:

Is LVP flooring water resistant?

Our LVP Flooring is 100% water resistant.

IS LVP Flooring scratch/shock resistant?

Our LVP flooring is sealed with an aluminium oxide coating -a natural mineral with very high durability. This extra protective layer ensures that your floor will not scratch easily and is more resilient with heavy furniture.

Does your LVP Flooring look like real wood?

YES! Our rigid vinyl floor planks have real wooden characteristics.

Are LVP floors hypoallergenic?

YEs, they are hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances.

Our floors are safe for children and pets – Lalegno’s LVP Floors do not contain any formaldehydes or other harmful substances. They also have no negative influence on the healthy air quality of your home.

How easy are your LVP floors to maintain?

Our range of LVP flooring is protected from penetrating stains thanks to its has a durable wear layer that protects the floor throughout its life. So yes, they are a hassle free, easy to maintain floor.

Are your LVP floors UV resistant? Will they fade over time?

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is given the optimum UV protection so that the original colour of your floors last. You don’t have to worry about any colour fading for a very long time

What are the acoustic qualities of LVP flooring?

Our LVP flooring have highly efficient acoustic properties with an innovative underlay that provides superior sound absorption along with an excellent feel when walking on them.

Are your LVP floors stable and strong?

The core layer of our LVP floors consists of an ultra-strong rigid core made from combining limestone and stabilisers to create a dimensionally stable and waterproof core – perfect for high traffic areas.

How easy are your Luxury Vinyl Plank floors to install?

Our LVP floors simply click into place, eliminating the need for messy and complicated adhesive due to the unique strong and easy to join locking system.

How do your rigid vinyl floors feel to the feet?

Our LVP floors have natural feel along with anti-slip properties and a unique core with shock absorbing properties.